Enabling SAML SSO :- Cisco Unity Connection 12.5(1)SU3 : Defect

Recently I encountered a defect in Cisco Unity Connection 12.5(1)SU3 where we were unable to download the Trust Metadata File when enabling SAML SSO.  We haven’t received a public bug to share, but Cisco did give us an alternative method to download the file.  

This method should work for other Cisco UC apps.

So if you face similar issue you can follow below steps to Fix the issue:

1, Login to CUC Sub and try to download the metadata, if it fails try next step.

2, Run the below API w/o any request parameter directly from Firefox or any other browser [Username and Password will be for system default admin USERNAME/PASSWORD]


https://<CUCPublisherFQDN>/ssosp/ws/config/metadata/sp       >>> Save the file and now do the same for the subscriber node.


 Print Screens of Bug: