Webex Calling : Group Paging service


The Group Paging service allows a user to set up a one-way call to a group of up to 75 target users by dialing a number or extension. The Group Paging service makes a simultaneous call to all the assigned targets and announces to the originator that the system is ready for paging. After speaking, the originator ends the page by hanging up the call.

Configuring Paging Group

Note: Paging can only be used from a Cisco Unified IP Phone running MPP software, and the page can only go out to Cisco Unified IP Phones running MPP software. If you registered IP Phones in Scenario 2, feel free to complete this section. If not, you may skip this section and continue on with testing the other features configured.


1. Click Paging Group from the menus across the top of the screen, and then click the Create Paging Group button in the top-right corner.

Notice that all Paging Group Settings have been added to the Webex Control Hub now, and do not require CAP to configure these settings. Also notice that across the top of the Popup window that there are four main sections that must be setup for this feature; Settings, Paging Targets, Paging Originators and Review.

2. Under Settings configure the following settings:
    a. Location: Enter Site Details
    b. Paging Group Name: Enter Paging Group name like "NightBell"
    c. Phone Number: Leave Select a Number blank but enter "internal Extension" in the extension box
    d. Language: English (United States)
    e. Calling Line ID: (enter your first name and last name)
    f. Calling ID Label: leave as Paging Group ID

3. Click Next.

4. For Paging Targets, under Add Users and/or Workspaces select targeted audience

5. Click Next.

6. For Paging Originators, under Add Users and/or Workspaces select paging group owner who can initiate the paging from phone

7. Click Next.

8. Review the settings under Review, click Create then click Done. 


Note: If you get an error message, do not worry about it. Paging Groups cannot be used with the Webex Calling App nor the Webex Teams App. Paging Groups can only be used with Cisco Unified IP Phones. So, unless you registered MPP phones, this feature cannot be tested anyways.