Microsoft deploys new Direct Routing infrastructure in Australia, Update ACLs and Firewalls


Good news for Microsoft Teams Telephony users in and around Australia, as part of Teams Direct Routing expansion and service improvement Microsoft has deployed new instances of Direct Routing infrastructure in Australia.

The SIP signaling connection points for Direct Routing are the following three FQDNs:

  • – Global FQDN – must be tried first. When the SBC sends a request to resolve this name, the Microsoft Azure DNS servers return an IP address pointing to the primary Azure datacenter assigned to the SBC.
  • – Secondary FQDN – geographically maps to the second priority region.
  • – Tertiary FQDN – geographically maps to the third priority region.

Two new IP addresses  ( and will be resolved for the above address, for customers connecting to this new Australian infrastructure.

Customers need to update Access Control Lists (ACLs) and open ports for all these IP addresses on firewalls to allow incoming and outgoing traffic to and from these addresses for signalling.