Cisco Collaboration Video Integration with Microsoft Teams Customer Trial Cisco Commerce Workspace

Cisco Collaboration Video Integration with Microsoft Teams Customer

Subscription Eligibility


Cisco Collaboration Video Integration with Microsoft Teams

Top Level: A-MST-WX


Quantity = 5


 Manage Credits – Select CVI Customer Trial

Free Months

 Up to 2 months

Initial Term & Renewal

No minimum initial term.

Any initial term greater than 2 months will begin paid service after trial period

No auto renewal required.

Payment Terms

Monthly, Annual or Prepaid

The subscription price during the initial term will be offset using a one-time Offer

Customer Eligibility
 • Customer needs to be net new customer for Cisco Collaboration Video Integration with MS Teams
 • Customers are only eligible for this offer one time

Deal Eligibility
• The Deal ID must be sold at standard discounts and meet all other Cisco Bookings Policies
• The subscription cannot be combined with other non-standard offers or promotions.
New subscriptions must have upfront discounts of <= 37%
• The quantity of A-MST-WX-CVI-ROOMS must not exceed 5.
• Customer may not use any of the Time Bound (Limited Time) credit to reduce its obligation or to reduce its commitment to pay during the Initial Term or Renewal Term
• Only one limited time offer can be applied per product ID. There are no exceptions to this rule.
• All orders will be audited and if any subscriptions are >5 , the subscription will be out of compliance and will be required to reduce quantities

CVI Customer Trials Submission Steps
 1. Create quote or deal with A-MST-WX-CVI-ROOMS (quantity = 5)
2. Go to Discount and Credits tab
3. Click apply Credits
4. Select credit under Limited Time Offer
5. In Duration field, enter number of months (1or 2)
6. Submit credits as non-standard to route deal for approval through commercial finance.
7. Once approved, submit order. Follow normal booking and provisioning steps.